Wild CHILDREN Sanctuary

Open all summer holiday!

Please remember to bring closed-toe shoes, a hat, drinking water, snacks and a smile 😀


-parents have to fill in the application form on the spot

– can use the ‘strict zone’ independently, without the participation of parents

The first visit for children from 7 years of age with a parent – to fill in the registration card personally – each season there must be a new card for the child. A child must be 7 years or older to enter the closed zone with tools.


– can use only the ‘buffer zone’ under the care of parents

6/8 Dolna Panny Marii Street

daily 10.00 am- 5.00 pm 17:00

free entrance

The idea of the Sanctuary is based on the definition of play as free activities of children. Adults set up a Sanctuary, but it is children who shape it according to the rules of free play. Our goal is to separate an open space in the centre of the city and adapt it to creative, unconventional fun, focused on the development of social, cultural and manual ties and competences.

Wild Children Sanctuary is a place unique on a national scale. It was inspired by the idea of Adventure Playground, and is developing thanks to the support from the Civic Budget. It is a escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the rigours of timetables and everyday tasks. A city within the city for children, where they decide for themselves what and how they do. It is here that social ties and attitudes are formed, practical skills, emotional and spatial intelligence are developed. Independence and self-esteem are growing.

Remember about a hat, shoes with covered toes, a supply of water, food and good humour!

Admission to all events is free

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